Box Sync 4.0 has a new, efficient, sync algorithm that is built to scale, providing users with better performance and more reliability. 


New Sync Features

  • Subfolder sync – Selectively sync any folder or subfolder on Box. See How do I Sync Subfolders in Sync 4? for more information.
  • Upload on save – Upload files directly to Box when you save them, rather than when you close each document, thus speeding up collaboration.
  • Root level file syncing – Drag files into your local Box Sync folder and sync them to the "All Files and Folders" root folder on the Box website.
  • Copy or email Box links – Share quickly with a simple right-click from your desktop files or folders.
  • Lock and unlock – Lock and unlock files directly from your local Box Sync folder. See How Do I Lock Files While I'm Editing Them? for more information. 

Improved Performance and Reliability

  • New, efficient sync algorithm – Uses less memory and consumes less CPU power.
  • Scalability – Syncs much more content than before. You can now sync 100,000 items.
  • Notification when files can’t be synced – Provides detailed user notifications if a file cannot be synced. The interface lists the file, a description of the issue, and a link to a support article along with potential remedies.
  • Special characters in file names – Supports most special characters in file names.
  • Long file paths – Supports file paths longer than the normal 256-character limit on Windows.
  • Send logs directly to Box support – Uploads your logs directly from the Sync interface to the Box support team if you run into an issue.

Enterprise Deployment Enhancements

  • Silent automatic updates – Seamless, automatic updates ensure that you are always running the latest version of Box Sync. Updates occur in the background and users are automatically updated to the next release.
  • Enterprise deployable installer – Enterprises can install Box Sync using MSI on Windows and DMG on Macs