Box Drive Installation Conflict With Box Sync


This article has been archived.  For the most recent coverage of Box Drive technical issues, please go to Known Issues and Limitations or to Common Error Messages and How to Resolve.


Box Drive and Box Sync are two of our tools that make accessing and working with your Box content much easier.  However, they cannot coexist on the same computer without risking multiple issues, and we do not support co-installation.


If Box Drive is installed on your machine and you're using Windows, Box prevents you from then installing Box Sync.  (On Macs you can co-install Box Sync.) 


If Box Sync is installed on your machine and you attempt to install Box Drive, the following error displays:


We noticed you have Box Sync installed.


There are known issues with having both Box Sync and Box Drive on your machine. This is not a supported configuration. Please quit Box Sync before installing and running Box Drive.


Would you like to continue with your Box Drive installation?

You can continue the installation if you wish.  However, this issue becomes moot with Box Drive 2.4.  Drive 2.4 includes a Box Sync uninstaller that automatically uninstalls Box Sync and cleans up your synced content, before it then installs Box Drive.


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