Box Drive - Action Failed: Insufficient Permissions to Upload FIle


This article has been archived.  For the most recent coverage of Box Drive technical issues, please go to Known Issues and Limitations or to Common Error Messages and How to Resolve.


In order to make an action on a file you must have Editor access or above. Check What are the different access levels for collaborators? and verify that the file owner has granted the required permission for you to save the required file. If you are unable to act on a file because of permissions settings, alert the folder owner. Once you have the right permissions for this file, try your action again.


If you are unable to create content directly in the Box folder, confirm that your Admin has not restricted content creation in Enterprise Settings. 


Sometimes, another person may be editing your file in Box and you may not have the required permission to overwrite that file. In this case, save the file to another folder and restart the Box application.


In addition, a local application (for example MS Word or Adobe Acrobat) may hold on to the file. Restart any local applications that may have opened the file, then manually re-save your file. If these fixes don’t work, then you may need to restart your computer. If you restart your computer and Box Drive is configured to start automatically, then this file will begin saving automatically.

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