Box for Good Technology is a special version of the Box iOS app that is designed for users of Good Technology’s mobile security solution.

It has similar functionality to Box for iPhone and iPad, but also allows users to take advantage of Good Technology’s security features, including:

  • All downloaded information (including files, thumbnails, and metadata-like file names, comments, etc.) is encrypted with FIPS-certified encryption
  • Enterprise admins can set numerous policy requirements (such as who can use the Box application, which versions of the app and operating system can be used, and how long user passwords must be) and can revoke access to the app in real time
  • Access to the Box app and all related downloaded information can be remotely revoked or wiped entirely by IT, without disruption to the iOS device or personal data


What are Good Technology and the Good Dynamics platform?

  • Good Technology is a leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility, providing IT with tools to manage and protect mobile devices in the enterprise through a web-based management console.
  • Good Dynamics is a mobile application platform that gives customers secure, containerized iOS apps from third parties – the features and services end users want with the added security and management functionality that IT needs.
  • Box is one of the approved apps in the Good Dynamics ecosystem


How does it work?

  • When the user first launches Box for Good Technology on their iOS device, they are prompted for an access key that has been emailed to them from their Good administrator. (Note: If a company has authentication delegation set up the user’s Box application will be configured automatically on app open.)
  • At that point, the user must set an application-specific password (not shared within the Good Dynamics container or the network) that will be used in all subsequent app launches
  • Once a user has enabled the app with Good, they can log in and use the Box app as they normally would
  • If the admin revokes their access at any point, all information the user has downloaded from Box will be deleted and the user will have to reinstall the app


How can I tell which version of the Box app I downloaded on my iOS device?

The Box for Good Technology app icon has a special wrapping (a closed white padlock on a red background in the lower left corner of the logo) indicating that it is “secured by Good” and is part of the Good Dynamics ecosystem


How much does it cost?

Box for Good Technology is free for existing Box Enterprise customers. A license per user is necessary for Good Dynamics, and is available from Good Technology.


What if I already have Box for iPhone and iPad installed? Do I need to install it again?

  • Box for Good Technology will install as a completely different application from Box for iPhone and iPad.
  • If you are using Box for iPhone and iPad, everything on the network (folder structure, files, etc.) will remain the same when you install Box for Good Technology. However, all locally-stored files and folders will not be available on Box for Good Technology and will need to be downloaded again.
  • Enterprise admins will be able to enable and disable Box for iPhone and iPad and Box for Good Technology separately, so they can enforce Box for Good Technology usage or allow users to log in from both apps. 


Is everything on Box for Good Technology encrypted?

With Box for Good Technology, all data is encrypted except for uploads. When you upload a picture or video, an unencrypted file is temporarily placed on the device during the upload. Once in a Box account, the file is encrypted.


Is there anything missing from Box for Good Technology that’s found in the standard Box app?

  • Video streaming when a file is downloaded locally is not available; however, you can stream a video directly from Box when connected to the network
  • Open-in is only available for other Good Dynamics apps that have also implemented this feature


What features were added to Box for Good Technology update on 12/11/12?

The update included several new features:

  • Allows file open-in to Good for Enterprise
  • Allows open-in to other Good Dynamics apps
  • Authentication delegation for Good Dynamics apps
  • Additionally, we added some important bug fixes:
    • Uploads now work in iOS 6
    • Significant stability improvements and bug fixes


What's new in Box for Good Technology 3.2.1 (06/30/14)?

This version brings the latest updates from the Box iOS application to Box for Good Technology: 

  • Ability to create, edit, and share Box Notes on your iOS device
  • An intuitive navigation and layout
  • A simple and engaging interface
  • Significantly faster document rendering for more than 100 file types
  • All new preview experience with high quality document rendering for PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, photos, videos and more
  • Grid views for PDFs, folders of images, and slides
  • Full text search within documents, such as PowerPoint, Word, and more
  • A new comment drawer to surface the important discussions about your content


Why is open-in to Good for Enterprise important?

  • This functionality means you will be able to communicate between Box for Good Technology and your Good for Enterprise app, which provides features like email, calendar and contacts


Why is open-in to other Good Dynamics apps important?

Similar to Box OneCloud’s benefits, this new feature allows Box for Good Technology users to open a file from Box, edit in another application and save back to Box automatically for powerful productivity on the go


What is authentication delegation and why is it important?

  • With the authentication delegation functionality implemented, Box for Good Technology users can log in and configure the Box app through a specified Good Dynamics app for a simplified setup and deployment process
  • Once a user has authenticated with the specified Good Dynamics-enabled app on their device, he or she will not need to re-authenticate with another app (including Box) on that device until their authentication interval expires – saving valuable time