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Note: Legacy admin console experience.
This article describes the legacy admin console experience. To read about the new experience, please see our new article.
Only primary admins and co-admins with the correct permissions can access this area of the Admin Console. 
Note   The scopes requested by a custom application may grant highly-privileged access, and you should review them carefully.  Refer to Understanding Requests to Authorize or Whitelist Applications for more information on this topic.
Box Platform enables you to build custom applications on the Box platform, seamlessly integrating the full power of Box with your solutions. You can allow these custom applications to create, manage, and use applications created by users in your Enterprise by enabling them through the Admin Console.
  1. Once you are logged into Box, open your Admin Console
  2. In the lefthand navigation, click Enterprise Settings.
  3. Along the navigation toward the top of the page, click Apps.
  4. Scroll down to the Custom Applications section, then click Authorize New App
Enabling Custom Built Applications - 3

5. Enter the API key for the app you would like to enable, and select an access level. This determines which users the app has control over. It is important to select the access level for an application carefully. This option determines which sets of users an application may access and modify within your enterprise. Currently the only option available is "Only users of this app," which limits access to only the App Users created and managed by this application.
Enabling Custom Built Apps - API Key.jpg
6. Click Okay. The app is now enabled for your enterprise.
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