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restrict access for subfolders

We have a high level folder in all folders that has about 30 editors.  I have a sub folder that I only want 5 people to see what is in it and to edit it.  How do I do this or can I do this?  Thanks 

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Re: restrict access for subfolders



The Box waterfall permission model only allows permissions to expand, not contract as you go down a folder structure. Box folder structure tends to be a little flatter because of this. You will need to create the folder, with its separate permissions, outside of that parent folder structure, possibly as a sibling. I realize that does not conform to the behavior of a traditional file server, but Box is not a file server.


I'd be happy to dig further into this and advise specifics, but I just wanted to get that out there right away. You can only expand going down, not contract.


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Re: restrict access for subfolders

that is really disappointing - I use Dropbox as well and this functionality works in Dropbox...