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no undo for boxnote?

Am I right that you can only go back to a 5 mins ago version history, and can't undo one action? 


Box Employee

Re: no undo for boxnote?

Hi @MandyBarnett.

Box Notes Version history is explained in better detail here.


In terms of undoing a single action, Box Notes does not have a dedicated button for it in the menu bar, however you can use the Control + Z (PCs) or the Command + Z (Macs) keyboard shortcut to undo a recent action.

Hope this helps.

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Re: no undo for boxnote?

Just want to bring this up as a major deal-breaker for Box Notes for me. Especially when trying to work with a table for taking notes/minutes during business meetings. The lack of an undo button (with multi-step undo) has wasted too much time in meetings and lost too many notes for us. Please prioritize building better features into the boxnote functionality.