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box sync issue - windows security setting & file encryption


I installed box sync on windows 2016, 2012 & windows 10.

From last week, I find that when box sync downloaded files from box, the security setting and file encryption setting for the box sync folder not work for the files.


I logon Box Sync in Windows ID A,

I grant Box Sync folder full control access to windows id A & id B, and remove default access to administrators group. only Windows id A & B have access to the folder.

I set Encrypt contents to secure data in Box Sync Properties.


Before the sub-folder & files in Box Sync will inherit the access from Box Sync folder, and the files & folders will be encrypted because of the Encrypt contents to secure data setting.


But from last week, when the new files sync to local, the security setting for the file and folder will use the system default setting, - administrators group have access to the file, and the file is not encrypted. even the the Box Sync folder only grant access to ID A & ID B.


It may happened earlier than I be aware of the issue, and now the issue still there, could you please advice?



Box Sync setting

box properites -1.pngbox properites -2.png


New Synced file setting.

new synced file properites - 1.pngnew synced file properites - 2.png


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Re: box sync issue - windows security setting & file encryption

Hi @hjhujun


Thanks for your post in Box Community!


This would be something our Box Support team would like to investigate with you and may require specific account information. You can contact Box Support to help you directly.


Thanks for using Box, and we look forward to helping you resolve this issue!


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