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Moving from dropbox to box



We want to move from dropbox to box.

2 of my colleuages try box till few hours.


1. How we can change the box ync folders location? We have SSD + HDD on our machines. We don't want to keep box files in sdd but we can not go to hdd.

2. Why to share folder is too hard. With dropbox, I can right click the folder, click "shared folder options" and invite anyone to work with me in this folder. I couldn't manage how to do it with box.

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Re: Moving from dropbox to box

@erkange -- Thanks for moving over to Box for your team! Let's get you up and running: 


1. Check out this article for information on how to change the Box Sync folder location on your computer. 


2. From Box Sync, you can right-click any file/folder, hover over 'Box Sync' in the menu, and you'll see a few options in that contextual menu (see screenshot below), one of which is to copy the link for that file/folder. If you're wanting to manage the collaborators for that folder (aka who is invited/added into that folder), you'll want to head to the Box website.


A lot of the functionality around managing shared link settings, managing collaborators, and other items like access stats are only available from the Box web application. We typically think of Box Sync as the location you'll use specifically when you're wanting offline access to select folders. For general use of your Box account day-to-day, the web application ( is your best bet. Here's a great video tutorial on using Box Sync (the last one in that list). 


Box Sync Contextual Menu

Link to screenshot:


Hope that helps get you and your team up and running more smoothly!

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Re: Moving from dropbox to box

Hi Brad,

thx for reply. But there is no option about changing folder for windows app.