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Moving box hard drive over to new PC

Hi all,


I am upgrading my current PC that I use for box sync and I have a new PC ready to go. All of the hardware is new except the hard drive that I keep all of my box sync files on. Windows will be a fresh installed. Currently, all of my box sync files are stored on the seperate hard drive (nothing but box files) and I just want to physically move that hard drive into the new PC, install windows, reinstall box sync, and be good to go without having to upload/download all of my box sync content. Will it be that easy or am I going to have to essentially redownload all of my sync content from scratch? 

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Re: Moving box hard drive over to new PC

Hello @zoltanh,

You've probably already done this by now, but the short answer is, you cannot move the box sync store to a new drive.  You have to resync live.