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Box sync stops internet

I have box sync installed on my Mac and am trying to add files locally - when it tries to sync large files 150mb + it locks up my whole internet and disconnects etc. When the app is open (even if paused) no other device can get onto the internet and eventually the router becomes intermittent as well. As soon as I kill the app the internet works fine again. I am
On ADSL and have upload speeds of 1mb and download speeds of 15mb. Can anyone help as I use box with work at university and it means I can't properly use it to sync files at home as it will kill My internet. Sooo frustrating!!!
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Re: Box sync stops internet

The same issue seemed to happen to me! I had a cable technician come out, signal was good, I even bought new router and modem to try to diagnose the problem.


I had noticed some differences when I was pausing the Box Sync on my 2 Macs (running macOS Sierra). Modem was Arris SB6141 and router was Apple Airport Extreme. When I finally quit Box Sync on both Macs, everything started working again.


Very stange issue. Sure enough, after opening Box Sync again, the internet would work fine for a little while and then completely stop. IMMEDIATELY after quitting it works again.


For what it's worth, the issue started manifesting itself after using Apple's migration assistant to set up new computers.


This is definitely an issue for Box's engineers to look into!

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Re: Box sync stops internet

The problem is that the Box Sync application uses ALL of your available upload bandwidth.  When your upload link is saturated, then requests for other things (like requesting web pages) can't get through.


The only solution I've found to this problem is to download an app to limit the amount of bandwidth the Box Sync app is using.  On Windows, I'm using NetLimiter.  I have a 5Mbps upload speed, and when I limit Box Sync's upload speed to 4Mbps, I'm able to browse the web again while still maintaining a decent upload speed.


It would be nice if Box Sync could limit the bandwidth that it uses.  Not sure how to request that.  Hopefully someone is listening.  🙂

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Re: Box sync stops internet

Same exact issue here. Would be great to hear a solution from Box. I can't use Box Sync without my home internet failing completely for all other applications. Never used to happen until I did an upgrade to Windows 10 with a clean install.