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Box Search - Using boolean operators together - is it possible?

From the article at

  • AND returns documents that contain both the search terms. For example:
    A search for marketing AND BoxWorks returns a result that has both marketing and BoxWorks within its text. It does not return a result that only has BoxWorks in its text.
  • OR returns documents that contain either of the search terms.

What if I want to find all things that are either datasheets or brochures, on the topic "BoxWorks"? I would like to combine boolean terms into a logical string, e.g. (datasheets OR brochures) AND BoxWorks. I've done some experimentation, and it doesn't seem possible. Am I wrong?

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Re: Box Search - Using boolean operators together - is it possible?

I think that you are correct that it is not working. Last week I submitted a ticket on this and have been working with Box Tech Support on it. No answer yet.   Hopefully it is something that is broke and they can fix.  

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Re: Box Search - Using boolean operators together - is it possible?

Hi all, our search API is indeed not capable to make these kind of precise queries. The search API is meant for a human, fuzzy-search experience that returns files based on relevance.


If you are looking to find files that only match a specific query, then I highly recommend using Metadata on your files with Metadata Queries. This is a relatively new API and your enterprise would need to be set up for this. Additionally, this would require every file to have the metadata attached to it.



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