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Account Settings

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From your Account Settings page, you can modify the default settings for your account, as well as change your account information or view log in activity. These settings apply only to your account, and can be overridden by the settings set by an enterprise account administrator. 

Note: New Box Experience

This page refers to the new Box experience. In Box, hover over a single file or folder with your mouse. If the item looks like the following image, you are in the right place.


Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.

If the item does not look like the image above, visit one of the links below instead:




General OptionsAccount Settings 1

  • Home Page - Change the default home screen of your Box account, the first page you see when you log in.
  • Files and Folders per Page - Modify the default number of files and folders displayed on a page.
  • Time Zone - Change the time zone.
  • Language Change the language used in your account.


Login and Email Addresses

Here, you'll see your default email address, as well as any additional email addresses you've added to your account. You can link multiple email addresses to the same account in Box. Any collaboration invites that go to these secondary emails will get funneled into your existing Box account. Other users will only see your primary email address and all notifications from Box will continue to be sent to your primary address.


To add an email address:

  • Click Add more emails.
  • Enter your new email address and click the Save button.
  • An email verification will be sent to the address you entered. Click the verification link in the email to confirm and add the alternate email to you account.

Account Settings 2

To make a secondary address your primary address, click Make Primary button.

To remove an address, click Remove.



To change your password, click Change Password.

What is 2-Step Verification

Please see the article What is 2-step Verification? to learn about this feature.

Note: If your account has Single Sign On (SSO) enabled, you will not be able to turn on 2-step verification. 


Enable 2-Step Verification

To enable two-step verification for your account, follow these steps:

  • Check the box under Extra Verification
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • A six-character alphanumeric confirmation code separated by a space will be texted to the phone number you enter. 
  • Enter this confirmation code in the appropriate box and click Confirm

Once the code is confirmed, a pop-up will appear that indicates that the setup is complete. Every time you log in through a new browser after this point, you will be sent a new code to your mobile phone and required to enter it. 


Account Details

Here you'll find information about your Box account. Your account type, storage allocation, bandwith used, maximum file size, login address, and admin contact are displayed.




Shared Links

Here you can modify the default settings for shared links. These settings will only apply to shared links created on content you own.

account settings 3

  • Shared Links Can Be Viewed BySet who can access content you own via shared links. This will limit the access types you can set when sending a shared link.
  • Allow Shared Links forYou can choose to only allow shared links for files, folders, or disable shared links altogether (for content you own). 
  • Default PermissionSet the access type that generated shared links will use by default. You can still change the access type when you generate a shared link.
  • Link Viewers Can - Control the actions users can take after they access content via a shared link.
  • Shared Content CommentingCheck this box if you'd like users to be able to comment on files and folders that have been shared with them via shared links, even if they are not collaborators.

Collaborating on Content

By default, your account is set to automatically accept invitations to collaborate. Uncheck the box under Incoming Invitations if you'd like to have the opportunity to accept or reject collaboration invitations.


Email Notifications

Account Settings 4

Check the boxes next to the actions for which you would like to recieve email notifications. You can recieve notifications for actions taken in both folders you own and folders in which you are a collaborator.


Email notifications can also be adjusted at enterprise-wide, account-wide, and folder specific levels.


  • Enterprise-wide email notifications: When email notifications are applied in the "Admin Console", it will be the default for all newly created end users until the end user adjusts their settings.
  • Account-wide email notifications: When email notifications are applied in the "Account Settings", it will be the default notification setting for all newly created folders in the account OR for folders that are set to "Use my default notification settings".
  • End users in a Box instance can have different account wide settings by manually adjusting their email notification settings.
  • Folder specific level email notifications: When email notifications are applied in the "Folder Settings", it will be the default email notifications for all files in the folder and subfolders. Please note that you cannot trigger email notifications to yourself for actions you triggered.
  • Different users collaborating in a folder can set their own specific Folder level email notifications (if allowed by the folder owner).


If you are missing emails from Box:

  • Check your Spam/Junk email folder. Sometimes, certain email clients do not recognize email from If you find Box messages in your Spam or Junk folder, add to your email contacts, or Safe senders list. This will allow your mail client to recognize Box emails and deliver them to your Inbox.
  • Firewall, Content Filter, or Email Security Policy: Check if your firewall or virus scan is blocking the email notifications. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Corporate IT department and ask that emails from the following domains added to the email whitelist (safe sender) to ensure that Box messages are not blocked.
    • (subdomain added March 2014 in place of
  • Incorrectly typed email address: Is the sender using your correct email address? Just one mistyped letter will cause an email to go to the wrong address or make it undeliverable. Ask them to double-check that they entered your address correctly.


General Emails and Notifications

In this section, you can control the emails you will recieve from Box. You can choose to recieve all or none of the following emails:


Uploading Content (Box Accelerator)

Box Accelerator is a global data transfer network that improves the speed of your uploads. If you’re having issues with uploads, try turning this off. If your uploads seem slow, you may have a problem with your network or firewall. See Troubleshooting: Uploads for more information.




Login Activity

The login activity section of your Account Settings is useful for monitoring access to your Box account. You will see a list of all the applications, devices, and locations you've used to log in to Box. 

Account Settings 5

Click the X next to a session to forget this mode of access. You can also click the Forget All button at the bottom of the page to forget all sessions. The next time someone tries to open this application or browser from your stolen device, they will be prompted to re-enter their Box login credentials.



In the profile tab of your Account Settings, you can update the information in your profile, including your name, profile picture, and contact information.


Edit your profile information by simply clicking into one of the text boxes. Modify the information you’d like to update in the appropriate fields and click Save Changes in the upper right hand corner when you are done. 


To change your profile picture

  • Click the Change button beside the picture
  • Select the image you would like to use from the file browser
  • Click Open or click or Take Photo to take a new photo. 

If you would like to remove a picture, simply click the Remove button.


Viewing your Profile

You can view your profile page by clicking the arrow next to your name in the upper right-hand corner of your Box account and selecting View Profile from the menu. 



The diagnostics tab is useful when you encounter a problem with Box. Run a Connection Diagnostics test to check the status of your connection to Box.


If you have filed a support ticket with Box, you may be asked to grant Box access to your account. You can do so by clicking the Grant Access button in the Access to your Account section. This will give Box Support access to your account for 5 calendar days. At the end of 5 days, access will automatically be revoked. You can manually revoke access at any time. To determine if you need to grant Box access to your account for support, please contact your administrator or customer success manager.

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