• Open the Account menu by clicking the your profile image (or initials) in the upper-right corner. Click Account Settings.
  • Select the "Diagnostics" tab
  • Under the "Connection Diagnostics" section, click the "Run Test" button
  • This will run a multi-step connection test to see if your connection is at an optimum level. When the test completes, you will see a short summary of test results. 

If the connection diagnostics did not complete, then check your firewall/proxy settings to make sure Box domains are allowed.


In addition, please follow the steps below to compare speeds to servers near to Box:

    • Go to http://softlayer-sj.speedtest.net/ and notice there are two buttons. Please be sure to click the right-hand "Begin Test" Your Preferred Server button.
    • When the test completes, you will be shown a report of your Ping, Download speed, and Upload speed in megabits per second (Mbps).
    • Click the "SHARE THIS RESULT" button
    • Click the "COPY" button and save the link
    • Perform a 2nd test at https://www.sonic.com/speedtest and click Begin Test button
    • When the test completes click the "SHARE THIS RESULT" button.
    • If you end up creating a case with Box Support, you can send us these results to help us identify the issue.