Invalid Login Credentials Error on SSO Login

When attempting to log in to Box via the SSO login process, a user receives the "Invalid Login Credentials" error after entering their company credentials.



Troubleshooting Steps

Has the user email address recently changed? If so, your Box login may still be tied to your old email. Please check with your internal IT team to make sure that your email address in your organization's active directory matches the email address that is associated with your Box account.


If you have verified that your email address is up to date in your organization's active directory, please collect a SAML trace and include this information when contacting Box Product Support.


Root Cause


This error occurs when there is a mismatch between the email address attached to your Box account and the one sent to us via the SSO login process. Box verifies user identity with the email address, so if your company's Active Directory sends us your old email while your Box account is attached to a new email, we cannot match you to your account. 

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