Changing an Email Address for a Single Sign-On Account

In Box accounts with Single Sign-On enabled, end users will not be able to change their primary email address. This helps to prevent mismatches of email information between Box and the organization's user store. In order to change the primary email, the end user should contact the Box Administrator who can facilitate the change. 


The administrator should: 

  1. Change the user email address in the Box Admin Console. 
  2. Update the email address associated with the user in the organization's user store or Active Directory. 
  3. Have the user log into Box. 

It is critical that the steps above are done in order for Box accounts with "On-the-Fly Registration" enabled. If the email address is changed in both the user store and in Box, a brand new account will be created for the user when they log in again. 


Note: Ensure the new email you would like to use does not already have a Box account associated with it. If you believe you already have a Box account set up with that email you can reach out to our Support team on some next steps here.

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