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Payment went wrong



I used free box version and wanted to upgrade to Box Pro Plan, I tried to pay with my card from my phone, then I got it kicked out from the login. Now I log in by the computer, I tried to pay but I got this message "

There was an error processing your request.
Please double check that all fields are correctly filled out and try again later or call us at ***phone number removed for privacy***so that we can assist you.


Then now I cant even login. All my data is in there. I tried to call above number but No One pick up.


Please help so solve it



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Re: Payment went wrong

Hi @VincentV,


Thanks for your post in the Community! Sorry to hear about your experience.


I can see that one of our Billing team already assist you regarding your Payment concern and good to hear that it all sort out! If you have any billing issues you may contact them at or call +18777294269