The BoxStars Program is Box's customer champions program. Through this program, members (or "BoxStars") get on-demand access to level-up knowledge on how to transform your company with Box. As a BoxStar you can connect with and learn from your peers and other savvy customers and be spotlighted for the innovative work you're doing. The goal of the BoxStars Program is to make you a VIP at Box so you can be a MVP at work!


Who are BoxStars?

BoxStars are IT and business leaders from Box customers of all sizes and industries, and are many of our most advanced users and administrators, experienced advisors, and advocates. BoxStars are united by their passion to leverage technology to transform their company and in their interest to learn from and help each other to be more successful with Box.


What are the Benefits? 

The BoxStars Program is built on three pillars of value:


  • Knowledge
    • On-demand access to the latest Box news and related trends
    • Early signup for new product beta programs
    • Access to Box product managers and industry leads for special deep-dives and feedback
  • Networking
    • Meet and knowledge-share with your peers
    • Connect with other Box customers in your current stage as well as those who've completed related motions
    • Interact both online and at in-person events
  • Recognition
    • Be celebrated by peers and invitation to be spotlighted by Box online and at events
    • Be rewarded with points, badges and swag for learning new information and participating in activities
    • Be treated as the champion that you are at Box events, including the annual BoxWorks


How Do I Join?

If you are a Box Business or Enterprise customer and identify with the characteristics in the "Who are BoxStars" section, we invite you to join the BoxStars Program and enjoy all the benefits. Simply email for an invitation.


We review membership twice a year and will extend membership based participation. Membership is maintained for BoxStars that continue to be curious about Box and support their peers through participation in program activities.


We hope you will join us!


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