Logging into Box University

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Thank you for your interest in Box training -- let's get started with your Box University account!


Note- if you tried to log into Box University but were directed here instead, make sure you have a first and last name in your Box account.  Visit this article for information on how to edit your name.  Once you have done so, try to log into Box University again!


Check out this quick video to learn how to log in to your Box University account!





Q: Do I need a Box account to sign in and take training courses with Box University?  

A: Nope!  


You'll just need to create an account with Box University -- it's simple!  Start at  https://training.box.com and click on "Create a Box University Account" at the lower left.


 Enter your email address and create a password, and you're set!


If you don't have a Box account but did have a Box University account in the old Box University, simply click on "Forgot Username or Password?" to reset your password so you can log in and start learning!


Q: Wait, I already have a Box account.  Do I need to create a separate account for Box University? A: Nope! 


Your Box username and password can be used to get into Box University.  One easy way to get into your Box University account is simply to click the "Get Training" link on the right-hand side of the homepage of your Box account: 

Get Training.png

You can also navigate directly to https://training.box.com and click "Log in with Box" at the top left.