Box University Frequently Asked Questions

Box Employee

Why isn't my course loading?


    If you've launched a self-paced or live course, but you're stuck on the "Loading" screen then odds are your browser's pop-up blocker is preventing the course from loading.   Look on the right hand side of the URL bar in your browser, and you'll probably see some sort of icon that will give you the option of allowing pop-ups from Box University.  Make sure you've enabled them, and then reload the page.  If you're still having trouble, reach out to us at


Why isn't my course comp active yet?


     If you have received complimentary access to a paid course from your Box Consulting package or Customer Success Manager, but Box University is still trying to charge you for the class, then odds are the system simply needs a little more time to process your comp.  After you enter Box University, a course comp can take up to 24 hours to process.  In most cases, the comp will process within 6 hours, but there are some instances where it will need more time.  Come back to Box University 24 hours later, and you should see the course listed under your Suggested Training.  If you don't, reach out to us at


How do I opt out of e-mail communications?


    If you didn't opt out of e-mail when you first logged into Box University, you can simply go to your settings page by clicking on the icon on the upper right hand side of Box University and check the E-mail opt out button.  If you're unsure how to get into your Box University account, simply look for the "Get Training" link on your Box account homepage or the ? icon on the upper right hand side of your Box account homepage (depending on your version of the Box webapp).  If you're still not sure, simply reach out to so we can do it for you!


Are Box University classes free?


    The vast majority of Box University's offerings are free, so enjoy them!  There are a few courses that are not, but you will be notified of their price on the registration page.  Don't worry- Box University will never bill you retroactively for courses.  If a class requires a fee, you'll be asked to pay for it up front!