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Program Overview

Box Certified Professional (BCP) is a training and certification program designed to help IT professionals build their own collaborative, integrated, user-centric, and secure digital business.


Using real case studies, you'll develop solutions to common challenges, explore the nuances of empowering your users to work digitally, and understand how technology and design come together to create a business ecosystem that meets the needs and objectives of a modern business. 

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Robust Online Training

Our online curriculum allows you to create a learning journey that suits your unique needs. Completing BCP online gives you more control over your schedule, allowing you to complete the curriculum and live learning labs in a time that works best for you. Enhanced by our approach to infuse the Box culture into an online experience, our online offering is ideal for those who are unable to take time away from the office.


BCP Online grants access to the self-paced learning experience and four virtual live learning labs:

Self-Paced Learning Experience

This interactive and immersive course will introduce you to best practices around deploying and optimizing digital technologies, then guide you through leveraging those best practices to optimize Box. Throughout the experience, you’ll have opportunities to check for topic understanding. You’re able to revisit each lesson as many times as needed to reinforce the concepts and review settings, templates, resources, and demos.


We highly recommend that you follow the completion of each self-paced lesson by attending the corresponding live or recorded learning lab.

Live Learning Lab

To augment your self-paced learning, you’ll have access to live virtual learning labs, where you’ll walk through a case study and apply the concepts covered in the self-paced course.


Facilitated by a Box Education specialist and supported by relevant Box experts, these sessions are great opportunities to review concepts like effective enterprise settings, business process identification and mapping, folder structure design to support business processes, and change management and communications. During these live sessions, you also have the opportunity to ask Box experts any of your most pressing questions!


The live learning labs will be offered twice per week, and you’ll receive the schedule and access details as part of your BCP Online enrollment. If you’re unable to attend a live learning lab session, recordings will be made available to you. We recommend you view the recording of a previous live learning lab upon completion of the self-paced portion of the corresponding topic, if you can’t attend live.


Earning the Box Certified Professional credential identifies you as a Box expert. This official credential validates that you’ve met a defined benchmark of knowledge regarding Box optimization. Additionally, it highlights your expertise in guiding decision-making regarding Box administration and its expansive role within your technology ecosystem, including expertise in planning effective communication and training for end users to best leverage their digital tools.


When you enroll in BCP Online, you will also gain access to the online certification exam. This exam will be available for three (3) months from the date of enrollment. Learn more about the exam in our FAQs.

Continue the Journey

We want your BCP journey to continue beyond the initial certification process. All “BCPers” will be invited to participate in a new online community experience, coming soon!


Additionally, a semi-annual Certification Summit will be made available exclusively to existing Box Certified Professionals! With both virtual and live events, this will be an opportunity to network with your fellow BCPers, hear updates to the Box product roadmap, and join enhanced certification sessions focused on topics like Box Advocacy, Box Platform and API, AMA sessions with members of the Box executive team, and more!


Understanding the basics of administering Box is key to your success with Box and the BCP program. Experienced Box admins may be good to go – but if you’re new to Box or want a refresh on Box best practices, we highly recommend that you complete the Box Admin Essentials course prior to beginning your BCP course. Admin Essentials is available as a live online or self-paced course.



The additional information below is intended to help inform you more deeply on what to expect from BCP, including an overview of key concepts covered throughout BCP, and a sample agenda, built to help guide your self-paced experience with BCP Online.

BCP Learning Objectives

Admin console and best practices

  • Navigating the Admin Console to manage devices, content and users

  • Best practices around SSO, native Box Applications and user provisioning

  • Basic use cases and best practices around implementing Governance

Business process optimization

  • Identifying opportunities for optimization throughout an organization

  • Differentiating between a business outcome and use case

  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders to validate a business optimization opportunity

  • Identifying business outcomes and the value of a proposed optimization plan

  • Creating an executive summary

Business process transformation

  • Gaining insight on business cases and translating business processes into Box

  • Designing and implementing folder structures that can meet business and compliance requirements by reviewing best practices in specific case studies

  • Strategies to maintain the sustainability of the optimization

  • Iterating on processes in order to gain information needed for optimizing Box

Managing change for end users

  • Defining and identifying a value proposition for Box, including folder structure design, increasing user adoption, and improving user experience

  • Strategies to create a change management plan

  • Conducting a current-state assessment of Box deployments

  • Identifying areas to increase sophistication/adoption of Box

Integrations ecosystem

  • Discussing the Box API and partnership ecosystem, and how to create a consistent content experience across an organization

  • Identifying common best of breed integrations

  • Best practices for using native applications and 3rd party integrations

  • The value of SSO for user management

  • Understanding how Box fits into a larger content management strategy

Sample Agenda: BCP Online

  1. Complete Admin Essentials if you’re new to Box or need a refresher

  2. Enroll in the Box Certified Professional Online program

  3. Complete the self-paced course.

    • Option 1: Complete the full course before attending a live learning lab

    • Option 2: Complete the individual corresponding lesson in preparation for the upcoming live learning lab

  4. Choose your live learning lab dates.

    • The order of availability of these dates will vary based on the date you enroll. The order in which you complete these sessions is not critical, but this is the recommendation for strongest continuity of the content:

      1. Admin console & best practices
      2. Business process optimization
      3. Business process transformation
      4. Managing change for end users
        • Alternatively, watch the corresponding recordings of the above sessions


It is advised, in any case, to complete Business Process Optimization before Business Process Transformation, as these are the two most interrelated labs.


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